My 8 Mile Moment

The night after we did our first Black News 102 interview with Sa Neter and I saw the first few comments from people about my size I didn’t sleep the whole night and I even let go of a few warm tears. My husband kissed my chubby cheeks through the night and reminded me “we knew this was going to come just remember to be brave and strong through the process”. Despite the few voices of negativity we experienced an overwhelming response of support and new members looking to join us on THE JOURNEY OF HEALING! Doing what I am doing is saving my life, saving the life of others and giving me life as I live in purpose on purpose. I had no choice, but to face the world bare naked and vulnerable with all my greatness and my flaws. And by doing so it closes the back door for me to do anything else, such as hide from my purpose and my healing as I had been doing.

Some people are an example of what it means and looks like to have been living a life of wellness; the beautiful and talented Chef Akhi, my good brother Supa Nova Slom, Sister Abundance Child (very proud of the work she’s doing with Drop Squad Kitchen), my Sacred Sister Auset Aswad who taught me so much about wellness and true divine sisterhood, to name a few. That is not my path, that is not what I am here for. I was told by my ancestors my purpose is to be an example of the journey. So, let’s have my 8 Mile moment. Yes, I am overweight I don’t need to admit to that, it is abundantly clear. No, I have not been a vegan my whole life. In searching for my own healing I learned about Vegan Alkaline Nutrition while working for Maá (Dr. Sebi’s wife and partner in healing for over 40 years). I have actually just recently returned to veganism after a 7 year stint of fighting depression and eating whatever I wanted. Yes, I stand behind my knowledge, ability and the quality of my creations, Natural Nature Herbs, and they are what I am using on my own healing journey. This is my time and I’m not stopping.

Truth is family, I love you and I love me. I am prepared for all the criticism and judgement. I didn’t wait until I looked perfect to come out, holding back my knowledge, great products that I've introduced to the world as Natural Nature Herbs and my ability to be a partner to walk with transitioning people on the journey being that I can approach the issues from firsthand experience. I know for a fact there are way more people who can relate to my story than the girl who has been eating bean sprouts her whole life talking to people who still love friend chicken about changing their health. Seeing a plus size woman making these declarations of veganism, being wellness-focused and gradually changing from walking the path is dynamic for overweight and transitioning people all over wanting to make a change.

I don’t apologize for my appearance or the gifts the Creator gave me to handle these herbs by way of intellect, intuition and the Master Teachers I’ve been blessed to sit at the feet of. I consider myself brave for coming out now knowing that humans can be careless and sometimes cruel with their words and judgments. Still, I am not focused on how I look or feel today. I am on a journey, a road and that journey is what I am here to offer to the world. I’m focused on the road ahead, on the me I see smiling back at me from down the road. Anyone that knows anything about making matter move or the law of attraction know you have to stay focused on what you want to create and live in it like it is real today. I am committing myself to doing the work and I know the statement will change from “she’s overweight” to “wow, I can’t believe she was ever that big she looks amazing”. So, like it or not, I am here and you’re welcomed to join me on the JOURNEY TO HEALING!

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